New generation KORALTAY cases are the result of our technical packaging and engineering expertize acquired in the field since the 90 ties.

Koraltay cases have been designed to withstand the toughest environmental and climatic conditions. The case is manufactured as a solid uniform structure which makes it extra resistant to impact and vibration while enabling the case to be dropped from high altitudes when loaded. The special polymer raw material compound is UV resistant and is specifically designed to function in extreme temperatures and solar load.

Koraltay cases feature stainless steel or heavy-duty plated latches and a special silicone seal which makes them waterproof and resilent to humidity, salt, sand and dust. Cases are corrosion and mold resistant offering protection against contamination from solvents and chemical agents.

Koraltay’s wheels and latches are larger than standard products available on the market.  Our cases come with stainless steel accessories which can be specified according to customer’s unique requirements.


Easy grip ruggadized stainless steel handles are mounted flush within the footprint of the case. They can be pulled open at a 90 °angle for easy grip and upon release fall back into position for easy storage. Fully recessed hardware offers the best possible carriage comfort.

Certain models feature built in edge casters for easy maneuvering and comfortable carriage.  76mm rigid edge casters enable the case to be mobilized by lifting the handle mounted on the corresponding side. Built in edge casters are flush mounted to fit in with the stacking feature.